Montevallo Elementary closes early due to mold concerns

More mold has been found at Montevallo Elementary School.

The school was getting ready to open up the 5th grade wing where mold was found in September, but some recent tests found traces of mold in other places.{} Now officials are closing the entire school.{} Letters went home, with children, December 12th talking about the recent findings.

The school district decided to close Montevallo Elementary early as a precautionary measure, but still maintains it is safe.

Erg Environmental recently did room to room air quality testing before re-opening the fifth grade wing.{} That's when they detected trace amounts of mold spores in an office area, fourth grade hallway and a classroom... Even after weeks of cleaning. Erg says the results are within acceptable levels.{} However, school officials say they are not taking any chances.{}

It will not reopen until January second at the earliest.

Additional air tests will be done before the school re-opens.

The school district will post the re-open date on their website.