School leaders defend lock down at Tusc. Co. High School

{}{}{} Some Tuscaloosa County High School parents remain outraged at what they call an "all day" lock down Thursday.

{}{}{} Marylou Cox's two children attend the school.{} She says they were left in the dark all day while thinking something serious was happening.{} "Text messaging between parents.{} Facebook messaging, emails and not to know anything.{} My kids couldn't let me know they were ok.," Cox explained.

{}{}{}{}Superintendent Liz Swinford tells ABC 33/40 she posted a notice for parents on the school system's facebook page the moment the 'lock down' began.{} She says the drill was random, planned one week in advance and done only to promote a safe school environment.{} "They [parents] can tell me what else I can do, other than a phone call home.{} What else can I do in order to make them aware.{}But, I will not let them know in advance." said Swinford.

{}{}{} No weapons were found during the drill.

{}{}{}{}Swinford says the safety drills are required by low and there are more to come.{} However, she won't say when or what school.


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