School leaders to decide how to address missed instructional days due to inclement weather

It's the time when students start the countdown to the end of school. The trouble is students in central alabama have missed so many instructional days this semester because of severe weather or the threat of severe weather. Now district leaders are scrambling to figure out whether to make up any of those missed days. Bessemer Schools Superintendent Dr. Fred Primm{}says ththereas not been a decision made to make up missed days in his district.{}Two of his schools are still closed. He says his first priority is getting all of his students back into the class room.{}Then he and his board members will sit down and decide what to about the missed days. "Right now we're jut trying to get our bearings. To get everyone in school first, that's our first top priority," said Dr.{}Primm.{}Dr. Fred primm says he is still waiting for an okay from the state health department before opening Westhills Elementary and Bessemer City Middle. Every Bessemer city school was closed for at least four days of instructional time following the storm. Of course, even more days are being lost for those that are still closed. Couple that with the seven days Bessemer schools missed because of the snow storms early this year, and that's roughly two weeks of school.{}"Currently I'm sure that we will have to send in a waiver for some of the days. It's just a matter of how many days we'll be able to do and what we'll be able to make up,"{}Dr. Primm.{} Because Governor Robert Bentley issued a state of emergency after the tornadoes. Districts are not required to make the days up if they submit a waiver. State Superintendent{}Dr. Tommy Bice released this statement: "We are still receiving requests but have very few at the moment. Most are looking at creative ways to make up instructional time - especially those who have already lost significant number of days from previous weather events this year"{}Dr. Primm said, "As a superintendent i'm leaning more towards offering additional services in terms of Saturday school and extra minutes and days, and it being a voluntary situation as opposed to mandatory."Dr. Primm says it's more complicated by the fact that not all schools were out for the same number of days.{}So he says whatever they decide{}to{}implement it won't be the same for all students across the board.{}We also reached out to Jefferson County Schools. A spokesperson with{}the district{}says{}a decision has not been made on what they will do about their missed days.