School resource officer credited in resolving active shooter lockdown at Jefferson County Learning Center

Aarion Powell, Jefferson County sheriff's deputy and school resource officer at the Jefferson County Learning Center. (

It's not everyday that you can potentially save the lives of hundreds of people.{} Jefferson County Deputy Aarion Powell has the potential to do that everyday at work, as the school resource officer at the Jefferson County Learning Center.{} Powell is credited for diffusing an active shooter situation Thursday and doing just that.The commotion started Thursday morning around 9:00 a.m., according to Deputy Powell.{} He says Antonio Wilson, of Tarrant, was yelling and cursing at students who were in the parking lot, taking part in drill exercises.{} When the deputy came outside, he says the 32 year old started running quickly to his home, which is very close to the school.{} Powell said Wilson was running with his right hand in his pocket, and when he got to his house, he pulled out a small caliber weapon and began waving it up and down in the air.The SRO walked ABC 33/40 through the scenario.{} Powell demonstrated how he put his training into action, as well as the principal.{} The officer stated that Principal Jason Wilson immediately took action when Wilson reportedly brandished the gun.{} The principal rushed the more than four dozen students, teachers and drill instructor inside toward safe zones and put the school on the highest form of lockdown.{} All this was happening behind Deputy Powell who now had his gun in "the ready" position.He kept his weapon low because he said, "had I pointed my weapon at him ... I didn't know whether or not he'd get off a round maybe two rounds or maybe start shooting."{} He talked with Wilson and said when he holstered his gun, Wilson put his away as well and then retreated inside the house.{} Tarrant Police arrived as backup and Wilson was found in a back bedroom.{} The gun was reportedly found in a container inside the home.{} Wilson was arrested and charged with Terrorist Threat, Criminal Trespass, Carrying Pistol Without a License, Menacing.This isn't the first time Deputy Powell has arrested Wilson.{} He says he's jailed him two other times.{} Once was in 2012, when he was arrested for firing shots in the area.