School resource officer need growing after school shootings


{}Not only are laws becoming more strict, but more school districts are adding officers on campus. Many of our Central Alabama school districts have resource officers in place. Officers, who can not only help stop an active shooter situation, but also help students deal with the trauma. In those types of situations, the school resource officers are the often the first to respond. {}Many of the officers working in that Colorado school district were trained by the National Association of School Resource Officers - located in Hoover.{}"Being the day before the Sandy Hook anniversary, we had some concerns that something might happen and certainly it did, so it impacts it in a significant way and really, I think adds to the sadness of it," Mo Canady, Executive Director, NASRO.NASRO'S Executive Director told us, it's added an awareness about the need for school resource officers - not just armed guards - trained officers assigned to know well a school building and its students and faculty."After Sandy Hook occurred, our phones rang off the hook as a matter of fact, our training has doubled this past year," Canady said."What we train them to do is not sit or stand and wait for help but to be able to address the incident immediately and find the shooter and end the situation," Canady said.Each student is checked and taken out of the building with their hands behind their heads."One of the things that it does is allow officers out on the perimeter to know that these students have been cleared, they're ok," Canady said. "Their hands are visible, their hands are high."But what does it mean for the students who live through a shooting?Laurie Pierce, a licensed professional counselor told us witnessing those shootings is the worst type of trauma for a child. "If they see someone who has been injured or signs of harm like blood, that's the highest level because they have the visual images," Pierce said. "Someone who was down the hall and they never saw anything, they stayed hidden and they were able to get them out without visually seeing something, but they wont have images that can continually be traumatic."