School Stress

You may be stressing out about getting all of the things your kids need for the new school year.

But, the children may have some worries of their own.

Dr. Kate Eshleman is a child psychologist at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.

She says there are lots of things that can stress kids out as they start the new school year.

Dr. Eshleman says, "Anytime you are making a change in grade, especially if you move from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school, many schools come together. So, there are new students that you don't know. There are new teachers. Maybe you used to be in one classroom all day and now you're changing classes."

Dr. Eshleman says to watch for subtle signs.

Maybe they're having trouble sleeping or have lost their appetite.

They may even complain of more physical pains, like stomach aches or headaches, or they may just be more irritable.

Dr. Eshleman says if you do notice these kinds of things happening try to take control of the situation.

Dr. Eshleman says, meeting the teacher and walking around the classroom and figuring out where the locker is going to be do help children feel more prepared and less stress. She says identifying a buddy can help, too. You can also try sharing similar experiences you had at the start of a new school year.