School vandalism arrest in Calhoun County

Climbing drain pipes and breaking windows. Vandals went to a lot of trouble to get into Alexandria High School to tear it up.{}"They broke a lot of sky lights, windows, and toilets," said Calhoun County Sheriff Larry Amerson "They went down the hall to break trophies, absolutely senseless sorts of things."{}Because they knew cameras were on campus, they also went to a lot of trouble to conceal their identities. They wore latex gloves and hoodies. {}"They spray painted some cameras," said the sheriff.{}But within hours of uncovering the mess Thursday, {}investigators managed to identify suspects and get a search warrant.{}Now,{}18-year old Patrick Andrews,{} a May graduate of Alexandria High, and 3 other juveniles are in custody. A camera caught the break-in and a big clue on the suspect.{}"A{}hoodie that looked exactly like{}hoodie one of the suspects was wearing and we recovered that hoodie after doing a search warrant at his residence," said Amerson.{}The{}search also uncovered computers stolen from the school in break-in{}back in February.The motive for what the sheriff calls a sloppy crime? Amerson mimicked the suspect, shrugging his shoulders.{}"What we normally get{}'{}I don't know ? '{}{}that's kind of senseless stuff we see. It goes in line with the type of crime , senseless, stupid what are you thinking ?"