Schools plan for alternative itinerary for Washington, DC field trips

Several schools in the Birmingham area are scheduled to take field trips to our nation's capital next week, and sightseeing plans could change due to the government shutdown.

Advent Episcopal School in Birmingham and three Shelby County Schools, including{}Chelsea Park, Forest Oaks, and Mt. Laurel Elementary, have planned trips for fifth grade students, but plans to visit the Smithsonian and national monuments{}could be in{}jeopardy if the shutdown continues during their visits.

"I about cried," replied{}Chelsea Park Elementary teacher Leah Green when asked her reaction{}to the shutdown. "I was in panic, because this{}trip is{}what the kids have looked forward to for almost the past year."

If the shutdown is in place during their trip, the Shelby County students plan to visit Colonial Williamsburg.

"We have assured them that we will show them just as much as we can," said Green.

Palmer Kennedy, Headmaster at Advent Episcopal School, said a travel agency is currently working on options for his students.

"There's also the road less traveled," said Kennedy. "There are{}a lot of places that our kids would never see whether they go with their families or anyone else."