SCLC calls for community action, peace

"During the past few days, at least seven persons have been shot or killed," SCLC Member, Bishop Calvin Woods said.

Woods can't take anymore.

When it comes to violence in Birmingham, he's talking to the entire city.

"Do something!" he said.

He says it's been an escalating problem for years. For others it all boils down to one day.

"August 7, 2006," Wanda Erskine said.

It's the day Erskine's 23-year-old son, George, was gunned down. His killer is still on the loose.

"November 22, 2003," Carolyn Johnson said.

Johnson lost her son, too. 20-year-old Rodriguez was killed by random gunfire.

It's sad for these mothers who, years later, still see the same senseless acts claiming lives.

"It's hard for me to listen to the news," Johnson said. "Every time I hear that another child or someone else has been just keeps opening up my wound."

It's what the SCLC wants to change.

It's proposing extensive, sincere prayers, community activism, love rallies and extensive gun buy-back programs to help stop the violence. These kinds of ideas have mothers like Johnson and Erskine optimistic for the future.

"The mayor, the city council [members], Jefferson County...everybody needs to get involved," Erskine said. "Because we're losing too many of our children."