Scottie's Thai Chicken Club

      Yield: 4 Sandwiches


      4Buns (sesame seed, sour dough or your favorite bun)

      1/2 cup peanutsauce (recipe to follow)

      2 cupsshredded whole milk mozzarella cheese

      8 ChickenTenders, cooked and still hot (or enough to fill the buns)

      Scottie'sThai Slaw (recipe to follow)

      8 strips ofcooked bacon (optional)


      Thai PeanutSauce

      Yield:{} 1/2 cup sauce

      1/4 cup peanutbutter

      2 tablespoonsHoisin sauce

      1 tablespoonhoney

      1 tablespoonssesame oil

      1 tablespoonfresh minced ginger

      1 teaspoonfresh minced garlic in water

      1 teaspoonssoy sauce


      In a medium bowl combine allingredients until smooth.{}




      1/4 cupshredded carrots (use grater or shred very thin with knife)

      1/4 cupthinly shredded green onion (cut lengthwise)

      2 tablespoonsof shredded coconut (optional)

      1/4 cupshredded cole slaw (raw cabbage not with sauce)

      2 tablespoonsof diced peanuts


      Toss all ingredients together in abowl and set aside.




      1. Optional:{} Toast or grill the bun and spread the ThaiSauce on both open sides of the bun.


      1. Place2 pieces of the cooked chicken tenders on the bottom bun.{} Top with the Thai Slaw and 2 pieces of cookedbacon.


      1. Topwith the shredded (or sliced mozzarella cheese) and cover with top bun.


      1. Servewarm and enjoy!