Search continues Saturday morning in Cullman County cold case


Investigators have new leads in the disappearance of Tabitha Franklin. She disappeared more than four years ago. For the first time, investigators have enough information to begin an excavation.


The search has stopped for tonight.{}Two deputies are in front of the home on County Road 1136. This is where Tabitha Franklin's family says she was last seen. The search for her remains will start back up Saturday morning. Meanwhile, the family told us, they're praying for some answers.{}

"This has been 4 1/2 years of hard struggle," Stacey White, Tabitha's sister in law said.

After a three month investigation, new details led Cullman investigators to the front porch. Two people were arrested on drug charges - one of them, Keith Floyd - the man Tabitha's family said she was living with - before she disappeared.

"It's got to be terrible for family members - especially children- to lose their momma and not know where she's at," Sheriff Mike Rainey, Cullman County said.

After two days of excavating this front porch, the concrete was broken apart and {}a larger piece hauled away on a trailer.

"For them to say they're doing this now is a big relief," White said.

The search for Tabitha's family has become a part of their lives - every day since she went missing in august of 2009.

'She has three beautiful babies," White said. "She took very good care of them. They miss her a lot."

ABC 33/40 was there as search and rescue crews combed Smith Lake. They found articles of clothing, but no Tabitha.

"This is the first time we've had enough information to do excavation work," Rainey said.

Franklin's family say they hope to soon know once and for all, what happened to their daughter, sister, and mother.

"Whatever it takes. I'm here to find her," White said.