Search expands for man in water in Greene County

{}{}{} Greene County investigators expanded their search for man who reportedly drove a{} car into the Black Warrior River nearly two weeks ago.

{}{}{}{}Friday, Sheriff Joe Benison declared -Kevin Gray- a missing person and put up a $1000 reward{}for information leading to{}Gray.

{}{}{} A scaled down water search will continue, while flyers are now going up{} in both Birmingham and Huntsville{} where{} Gray disappeared with his wife before disappearing March 9th.

{}{}{}Gray's brother Brian Smith says the two were distracted before they plunged into the water.{} Smith swam out but says his brother did not.

{}{}{} While sources tell ABC 33/40 that some family members question Smith's story, the brothers mother came out{}to his defense.{} "He [Smith] is going to tell the truth.{} He already told me what happened.{} The only thing they're guilty of his getting in that car and trying that fast.{} That killed my son and also took my other son," the mother said.

{}{}{} The Sheriff declined to talk about the 'missing person' investigation but did indicate investigators are still trying to clear up facts leading to Gray's disappearance.