SEC Championship tickets, packages available for a price

SEC Championship tickets are still available for the Auburn- Missouri game Saturday in Atlanta. But be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

Both schools were allotted 16 thousand tickets each. Auburn sold them for 60 dollars to students and 100 dollars to the public. But those tickets are gone. That's pushing prices up into the thousands on StubHub, which makes a weekend package a better deal in some cases.

With one second left on the clock Saturday, Auburn made one extraordinary play leading to a very different outcome from last year's Iron Bowl."When auburn won, things have changed quickly and a lot of people are buying up these packages so they are going to go quickly," said Clay Ingram of AAA Alabama.

Linda Schollian at Adventure Travel says the tiger pride can be detected over the phone as fans book SEC Championship packages."Definitely excited. Definitely excited. Unexpected but excited," she said.

Adventure Travel is offering two nights at the Hilton with game and fan fare tickets for 990 dollars.

AAA has two nights at the Marriott, MARTA and game tickets priced at one thousand dollars for one person and 789 dollars per person for more than one. One night deals will also be available.

"I had seen one of my friends post on one of the websites tickets for one thousand a piece, and you can get a whole package for two people for one thousand. It's a good deal," said Schollian.

Roughly four thousand tickets were available on StubHub Monday afternoon ranging from 140 dollars to 24 thousand for a seat in a box. All the prices are expected to climb and deals will disappear.

"I would try to book it today or tomorrow. They're going to sell out," said Schollian.

But next week, there will be new winners and new game packages.

"We'll be busy with bowl packages. Which bowl they'll be for, I'm scared to speculate. You never know in college football," said Ingram.

BCS National Championship packages are on sell. They are returnable if you're team doesn't make it. At least one Alabama fan already turned one back in.