SEC Ticket prices

The SEC championship in Atlanta this weekend is already sold out. You can still get seats for the game from ticket brokers, but it will cost you big money. So we wanted to know what you could do with the money you'd pay for a ticket, if you decided to just watch the game on TV instead.The SEC championship is this weekend and ticket brokers are buying and selling! Steve Susce with Aaatix says "Price could go up, price could go down." And the price can also nab you a lot of things.Victor Smith chatted with us about the tickets while doing some shopping.{} He says "If you don't spend it one way, you'll spend it another." There are three levels of seats, upper seats are the cheapest. Susce says "you're looking at the mid 300's. 325 to 350. We're at 335 dollars a ticket now." That's enough money to buy more than 80 eggnog lattes and nearly 1500 diapers or 65 frozen pizzas to share with friends or save well into next year.Lower levels seats start in the 500-dollar range. This could score you 83 Neil Diamond Christmas CD's or a 10 and half foot pre-lit Christmas tree with all the decorations."Or you can buy 25 toilet seats, 71 gnome lamps or 20 IPAD cases. It's almost Christmas you know! But wait, there's always the club level seats which run 900 dollars{} to 1,000 dollars and up. Or you can watch the game with a new 1,000 flat screen and watch the national championship on it. Smith says "Possibly buy a couple TV's actually. Buy two and watch them at the same time." While passing out 50 pairs of Stompees to the Neighborhood children also watching the game.But paying for a luxury bird's eye view, only a{} lucky venture for some. You can either buy 50-thousand hot wheels car or if you're living the dream and can buy a sky box, you could save your money and buy a three year old corvette and have 10,000 left to spare. A sky box can run up to 50-thousand dollars.Ticket prices on broker sites can rise and fall based on supply and demand. The University of Alabama and the University of Georgia both received 16-thousand student tickets each. The face value of those tickets is typically less than other tickets.