Second janitor may face charges in school restroom sex case

{}{}{} ABC 33/40 has learned police are looking into whether charges could be filed against a second janitor who worked at Central High School.

{}{}{}One janitor, 28 year old Curtis Hodges turned himself in Monday after allegedly caught being locked in a restroom with a 15 year old student.

{}{}{}Police say surveillance cameras recorded Hodges going into a girl's bathroom near the gym following the female student.{} They say the second janitor is seen locking the door behind the two.

{}{} An administrator in the area first became suspicious and realized what was happening , then contacted authorities.

{}{} The incident happened September 7th around 1:15 during the day.

{}{} Hodges is charged with 2nd Degree Sexual Abuse and School Employee Having Sexual Contact with a student under the age of 19.