Sen. Sessions visited Hackleburg Monday

Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, visited Hackleburg Monday as part of his tour of areas damaged by storms on April 27, 2011.{}

"Compared to what I've seen from hurricanes, this town has come back quicker and more effectively than most of the other places I've seen," said Sen. Sessions.{}

Hackleburg Mayor Doug Gunnin said the city needs more money to restore roads damaged by the tornado.

"The road money is short right now," added Sen. Sessions. "It's not what they had hoped to get, and I believe they can qualify for more there so we will be looking at that."

Also, Gunnin said building the police department needs federal approval.{}

"And so here we have tied up $20,000 of our money, and we can't get it approved for a police department," said Mayor Gunnin.

The senator visited Phil Campbell Monday afternoon and plans to visit Cullman Tuesday.{}