Senate committee cuts teacher raise, ASU budget slashed

AnAlabama Senate committee has approved an education budget that tosses out thegovernor's recommended 2 percent pay raise for public school employees, andreplaces it with a one-time bonus of 1 percent.

Thechairman of the Senate Finance and Taxation-Education Committee, Trip Pittman,says a 2 percent raise is not sustainable. But Gov. Robert Bentley says hebelieves 2 percent is affordable.

TheSenate committee also voted Wednesday to cut the budget of Alabama StateUniversity by $10 million and then give the governor the authority to restoreit if he wants. Pittman says that would help the governor and new ASU presidentbring change to the Montgomery university.

Bentley says he had nothingto do with the ASU cut and doesn't think money should be used for leverage.