Send some Love

A word of encouragement at the right time can be worth as much as a bag of gold. We are constantly communicating... Through text messages... Or social media. But some believe in the power of a simple written letter. In fact some people believe in the power of the written letter so much... They have come up with a plan. An encouraging letter some say has a healing quality. A new breast cancer charity, GIRLS LOVE MAIL, is embracing that idea. It collects handwritten letters of encouragement and gives them to women going through breast cancer treatment. The charity has taken off! Letter writers from more than 900 cities across the country are writing letters and sending them to Girls Love Mail. Since August 2011, Girls Love Mail has collected more than 8,000 letters and works with 27 cancer treatment centers across the country. And the numbers are growing daily! What a wonderful and simple idea, to help encourage others at a time of need. Find out more by going to