Senior citizen in Midfield shoots, kills intruder

Neighbors say a senior citizen took matters into his own hands, killing an intruder who broke into his Midfield home. It happened Monday night on 12th Street. {}Neighbors say he did what he had to do to protect himself.

"We heard about five gunshots," Eddie Alexander, a next door neighbor said. "Came out side and there was all kinds of police out here. A fire truck came, there were undercover detectives."

Eddie Alexander- said he rushed outside - concerned something had happened to his 82 year old next door neighbor and friend.

Neighbors say, the homeowner had been the victim of break-ins and burglaries several times over.

"He just got tired of people taking from him," Alexander said. "He's a good guy. He'll do what he can and help you, what this time he's {}just fed up."{}

The 82 year old had laid down to go to sleep when he heard his front door kicked in.

"David said when he came into the hallway, the guy opened the refrigerator, he had an ax in his hand or a hatchet or something," Alexander said. "David said he couldn't see this part of his body - he could only see the top half so he shot. And when he shot, he shot him in the face and it killed him."

The Jefferson County Coroner's office identified the intruder as 34 year old Jacob Lawrence Marsh.

"Last night he was upset because he didn't want that to actually happen," Alexander said. "He had to defend himself. David is 82, he still gets around good but in that situation, who wouldn't? You have to defend yourself because he could've killed David."

Midfield Police have not yet returned our calls. No word yet on whether any charges will be filed.