Senior citizen centers looking for fan donations

The blazing summer heat is here{}and temperatures in the 90's are causing trouble for some of the metro area's most vulnerable. For seniors, the heat can be life threatening{}and there's not enough money on hand, for organizations that are trying to help.

"It's hotter this year than last year and the other years too," Lewis Hornsby, a Birmingham resident said.

The Summer heat is even more intense if you don't have air conditioning.{}

"I've been feeling extraordinary hot," Hornsby said. "It's uncomfortable and unpleasant to be at my age but {}I'm still trying to tolerate it."

Lewis Hornsby turned 77 this year.

"77 is a long time in this world," he said.

He beats the heat{}by boarding the bus.

"Get me an all day pass and just ride. It's cool on the small buses, you know," Hornsby said.

Lewis is like hundreds of other senior citizens around Central Alabama -{}seniors, who often can't afford pricey air conditioning costs.

"A lot of them are staying in hot homes and they are afraid to open the windows because of the crime or the windows could just really be sealed down," Barbara Shores, Jefferson County Senior Services said.

Jefferson County Senior Services says they are trying to help provide fans, but with less funding and more calls for help, there's a bigger need than they can fill.

"We at one time would have a fund we would give to seniors to help pay utility bills but that has dried up right now," Shores said.

Every day, they get about 25 calls for fans.

"We have more than that on the waiting list," Shores said. "So if we get fans in, we can deliver them to the seniors who really need them."

"It's rough if you don't have air conditioning," Eddie Finch, a Birmingham resident said. "A fan might be alright, but nothing like air conditioning. It's hot!"

Senior Services says {}more people {}are visiting the senior centers - some - simply needing to be in air conditioning and get a meal.

"We could give out as many fans as we get because we are getting calls now especially with the beginning of summer and temperatures are rising high," Shores said. "Seniors are really suffering at this point."

Here is additional information for senior services centers:{}

Jefferson County Senior Services: (205) 325-1416. Ask for "intake."{}

Shelby County Senior Services:{}

Blount, Chilton, St. Clair, Walker Counties:{}