Slippery senior prank at Oak Mountain High irritates parents, administrators


A senior prank at Oak Mountain High School may top all of the stunts the school has ever seen.{}"I'm having to leave work. It's very irritating," said Victor Shunnarah, the parent of a student at the school.{}Administrators and students came in early this morning and found a slippery mess on the floors.{}A picture posted on Facebook showed red cups filled with water lining the hallways of the school. {}School officials say a mixture of detergent and oil was also on the floors.{}"The cleanup has been a little slower than what we thought it would be. They are having to make multiple runs over the floors because of that soapy substance," said Joan Doyle, Principal of Oak Mountain High School.{}School officials called the prank a hazard. {}One teacher slipped and fell because of the slippery substance.{}"I think they're funny until people get hurt and there are a lot of parents here who are missing work and I think it just kind of inconsiderate," said Kelly West, the sibling of two students at the school.{}The joke caused a bit of a frenzy on the campus. {}Students were everywhere and parents waited in a long line to pick up their students who were dismissed early.{}