Severe weather clean up in Anniston

Late into Monday afternoon, Anniston Public Works crews could be found cleaning up debris from Sunday afternoon's round of severe weather.{}

Public Works says E. 6th Street and Goodwin Avenue will be open sometime Monday evening. They were among several roadways closed due to downed trees or lines.

Most of the damage was on or near the south end of the city.{}{} Smashed onto Howard Beville's porch, while slamming through the roof of an abandoned house next door.

"By the grace of God, it wasn't worse," said Beville. He has lived in the family home on and off for nearly 50 years.

Miller's Office Furniture saw part of its roof come off. None the less, a second layer of old roofing remained in tact preventing much damage inside.

"Very minor, some leaks," said owner Phyllis Dill