Severe weather possible today

Time for a breakdown of what to expect today.

Showers and storms are likely today after the fog thins out this morning.

The best chance for severe weather will be the 3-10pm timeframe.

Severe weather hinges on how much of the unstable air we can build, and unfortunately it looks like a pretty good amount.

Cloud cover this morning will break apart and allow us to heat up, and create a mixing pot of unstable moist air.

We also have an atmosphere that will have some pretty good spinning to it.

So, with that being said what are the chances Iâ??m looking at this afternoon?

Well hail is just a basic threat, not a ton of strong updrafts in there.

Damaging winds are by far the largest issue with a strong hit with any storms we see go severe.

Because of the unstable air and rotating atmosphere, isolated tornadoes are indeed a threat for today.

The focus on this would be our southern counties, the Tri-Cities, and the Thumb.

To a lesser extent our northern and western counties are also in that risk.

A watch issue cannot be ruled out this afternoon but it will be the Storm Prediction Center that makes that call.

A lot hinges on what happens this morning and early afternoon, so my hope is we get far less sunshine and that the cloud cover doesnâ??t break quite as much.

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We will also cut in to programming today if need beâ?¦weâ??ll keep you updated on that possibility.

Check out the video for more on the forecast.