Severe Weather Sales Tax Holiday

Alabama is encouraging people to stock up on severe weather supplies. In this weekend's tax holiday, some cities and counties will also remove local sales tax.

There are a number of items in the list,{} including cell phone batteries and chargers, first aid kits, and non electric can openers. You can buy these things without paying the tax Friday through Sunday. We met one family who survived a deadly tornado in January who now have a better idea what to keep handy.

"Everybody needs a weather radio." Andy Chesnutt bought one right after his family lost their Trussville home in a tornado back in January.{} "You don't know what you need until you've been through it." Their new home will be ready just in time for severe weather season in November equipped with a safe room filled with necessities. He's taking advantage of this weekend's sales tax holiday to prepare. "Being prepared is the name of the game!"{}

Patrick Kelley with Academy Sports says "It's good to go ahead and come in and save the money and get the merchandise and have it ready."{} Academy Sports has ordered a lot of extra things on the tax free list. "We're going to be doing gas cans, we'll do tarps, the camp stoves, propane."You can also save on batteries, flashlights, glow sticks and power cords. The break means you won't have to pay taxes on top of the purchase price. "How much money can you save? A weather radio cost $29.99.{} Without the extra 9%, you're saving $2.70. We found a fire extinguisher that cost $17.99. Without the 9%, you're saving $1.62. While less expensive items do add up, here's where you save a chunk of change. A generator for $699.99 minus 9% will save you $63 dollars."The National Weather Service says it's good to have a severe weather kit now because a tornado can happen at anytime.{} Scott Unger says "Even folks affected by April 17th, even outside those paths, there are a lot of people that believe it can't happen to me and it's very dangerous to have that mindset, you need to make sure yourself as well as your family is prepared."

Here is a link to a complete list of tax free items.