Shahan likely to post bond, charged with fleeing to be with boyfriend

{}Shocking new details on the Homewood pastor accused of murder. At Richard Shahan's bond hearing, allegations emerged about his plans to leave the country. Shahan had said he was traveling abroad for missions work, but prosecutors say he was leaving the country to live with his boyfriend. A judge set bond at $100,000 and it {}comes with stipulations. {}His attorney says he will likely post bond by the end of this week. Prosecutors say Shahan was trying to cover-up his relationship with his boyfriend. They believe the desire for a reunion between the two makes Shahan a flight risk. "It was a request for bond - a request to return the property that was taken at the time of the arrest," Brandon Falls, Jefferson County District Attorney said.But the hearing unveiled new charges - that Shahan wasn't simply planning a missions trip, but a new life with his boyfriend. Prosecutors say Richard Shahan stabbed his wife Karen multiple times inside their Homewood house back in July. Shahan was arrested for her murder in a Nashville airport earlier this month. Several weeks ago, ABC 3340 obtained newsletters, prayer cards, and requests for money to travel to Germany for "missions work." In these notes, Shahan says he believe his wife Karen would want him to continue {}missions. The District Attorney said he couldn't comment on exactly what Shahan did with the money he raised."I can't discuss any evidence in the case," Falls said. "That's going to have to come out in a court of law."We spoke with Shahan's attorney about why he would leave the country. He says he doesn't want to comment on rumors."Richard has always maintained his innocence in this case," John Lentine, Shahan's attorney said. "He's always maintained that he was not involved in the death of his wife."{}"The family is grieved, he's grieved, and he stands ready to answer these charges," Wendell Sheffield, Shahan's attorney said.{}Shahan will be electronically monitored and must live with his mother in her Homewood apartment. {}He will also have to surrender his passport. The preliminary hearing is set for February 5th.{}