Sharing the Christmas spirit with Project H.A.M.

Throughout the year Officers and Dispatchers from the Tuscaloosa Police Department serve the community and work countless hours to protect the citizens of Tuscaloosa. For many of them the serving does not stop when their shift ends.{}In early November Officer Tavarus Thompson and his wife Dispatcher Singrid Thompson wanted to help somebody that needed food for the Thanksgiving Holiday. They wanted to give on a personal level to somebody that was in need so they made a simple Facebook Post "We would like to donate a ham to a family in need. Please let us know if you know somebody." The idea of a simple gesture spread much faster than they would ever imagine. They were soon contacted by others that wanted to donate food. Project H.A.M. was born by simply trying to give food to a needy family. As the idea spread they truly believed the love and support shown was "Harvesting A Miracle." They were able to give away seven boxes to needy families for Thanksgiving. In each box was a ham or turkey, green beans, macaroni and cheese, yams, dessert, and a drink.{}As the Christmas holiday approached, dispatchers were talking about exchanging gifts. {}They decided that giving to those in need was far more important. When thinking of ideas Singrid, who had kept Project H.A.M. on a personal level, shared what her and her husband had done for Thanksgiving. The communications division decided that they wanted to support this blessing. Dispatchers, Officers, Churches, The Fraternal Order Of Police, and others donated food and money. Project H.A.M. was able to give out twenty five boxes full of food to families on a "no questions asked" basis. They received request for the food by using Facebook and word of mouth. The boxes are being delivered Friday morning. Attached to every one of them is a note:{}"We pray this box is a blessing to you and your family. We would also like to wish you a Merry Christmas and pray that your New Year is a prosperous one. On behalf of project H.A.M. and those that donated we ask God to continue his many blessings upon you."{}