Authorities offer advice to stranded drivers

Law enforcement agencies in Shelby County are becoming increasingly concerned about drivers{}who are still in their stranded vehicles.{}

The Sheriff's Office said{}deputies will be{}transporting as many as possible to shelters for the night.{} However, due to the number of people that are stranded and the fact that roads in some areas are impassable,{}stranded drivers{}need to take the following actions:1.{}{}Make sure someone knows where you are.2.{}{}Create a plan for your own safety.3.{}{}Take note of possible locations to shelter until you can be taken to a warming shelter.4.{} Are there occupied homes nearby that may offer warmth?5.{} Are there businesses that may offer warmth?6.{} Is there a church nearby that will offer warmth?7.{} Staying in a parked car with the engine running poses a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and knocking on a strangers door may be safer.8.{} Notify a loved one of where you are sheltering with address and name of others there.Click here to see a list of shelters open across the area.