Shelby County group creates NAACP chapter before Voting Rights Act decision

Saturday, the NAACP formed a new chapter hoping to gain support. The creation of the branch comes at a critical time with the Supreme Court expected to issue a ruling on the voting rights act of 1965 sometime next week.

Rev. Kenneth Dukes, "This section five is an attack that was filed by our county leadership and it{}caused us to come together."

Joyce Lewis, a Shelby County resident says, "We're not going to lose any sleep when whatever comes down from the Supreme Court. We are still going to do what we need to do for human rights."

Back in February, Shelby County went before the nations Supreme Court justices seeking release from section five of the act.

The group currently has 40 people who have signed up, but they need 100 to make the group official in the county. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on whether to change or uphold the voting rights act, sometime next week.

For now the only day officially scheduled for decisions is Monday.