Shelby County man arrested in Tallahassee on suspicion of double homicide

Joseph Shannon Oakes arrested Tuesday after admitting to killing two people in Tallahassee

A Shelby County man is behind bars in Florida after Monday's gruesome discovery of two bodies in Tallahassee. According to arrest records, Joseph Shannon Oakes, of Vandiver, has been charged with homicide after the bodies of a male and female were found in a pile of trash near a tent at the St. Marks Trail head.{} Another person, Jennifer Ellis has also been arrested. Police records indicate that Oakes admitted, during a reported conversation with his ex-wife, that he killed two people (male and female) and that he killed the female because she stated she was "more beautiful" than his ex-wife.{} During the conversation, Oakes stated that he told the girl to shut up and proceeded to "beat their brains out" with a hammer. Oakes also sent his ex-wife two photos of the bodies, one of which showed the amputated foot of the male victim. The victims have been identified as Jason R Coshatt and Lynette L Lee. The investigation revealed that the Coshatt and Lee were homeless and became friends with Oakes and Ellis and were living with them across the street from the trail. Oakes faces two felony charges of homicide - willful kill / murder / premeditated.{} Ellis is charged with two counts of accessory after the fact, also felonies.
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