Shelby County man pleads guilty to charges from 2012 high speed chase

Courtney Sherrod Kennedy of Maylene has plead guilty to charges from a 2012 high speed chase that injured an Alabaster police officer. He'll now serve three years of probation.

Kennedy was originally charged with attempted murder, attempted assault, reckless endangerment, obstruction of justice, and attempting to elude police. But as part of the plea deal, obstruction of justice and attempting to elude police charges were dropped. The attempted murder charge was downgraded to attempted assault.

In 2012, an Alabaster officer stopped Kennedy for a traffic violation. But Kennedy drove away. A high speed chase ensued. Police say Kennedy hit a patrol car injuring the officer inside before crashing into a civilian's car at Thompson Road. Kennedy than ran from the scene. Police searched surrounding neighborhoods for two hours. He was captured near Fox Valley Apartments.