Shelby County remains at heart of Supreme Court's ruling on Voting Rights Act

Shelby County is at the center of the Supreme Court's decision on voting rights. (

The United States Supreme Court's decision on the Voting Rights Act was the hot topic across the country Tuesday, especially in Central Alabama.

The deeply divided ruling means communities in nine states don't have to get approval from the Justice Department when making changes to voting procedures. The decision was met with mixed reactions from state and national leaders.

President Barack Obama and Congresswoman Terri Sewell expressed their disappointment with the ruling as they feel the section is still needed to ensure voter equality.

Governor Robert Bentley and Attorney General Luther Strange were pleased with the news out of Washington, and they both considered it a "historic" decision by the court.

"Today's ruling is historic.{} It reflects how conditions have improved since 1965.{} And as Chief Justice Roberts also said, this ruling returns us to the principle that all states enjoy equal sovereignty." Bentley said in a released statement.

At the heart of the decision is Shelby County. Local attorney Butch Ellis says the ruling will save local and state governments time and money without hurting the cause of voting equality.

On ABC 33/40's News at 10 p.m., you will hear more reactions from county leaders about today's announcement from the Supreme Court. You can watch the newscast live online here.