Shelby County Robbery Suspect In Custody

Shelby County deputies{}took{}a 36-year-old robbery suspect into custody Monday morning after a gas station employee recognized the fugitive around 9 am.

Shannon Loyd Crumpton was taken into custody without incident for an outstanding felony escape warrant.

Crumpton escaped from the state's Red Eagle work release{}center in Montgomery Saturday.{}He's believed to have robbed two convenience stores after he escaped.

Authorities said he has a lengthy criminal history with approximately 55 felony arrests and more than 20 prior felony convictions. He also has several misdemeanor convictions.

Crumpton's escape is under investigation. The Department of Corrections released the following statement Monday:

This inmate met all criteria to be eligible for a minimum camp like Red Eagle. Crumpton was not, however, a work release inmate. He is considered a minimum security inmate with eventual privileges of working off property for other city, county, and state agencies. A work release inmate holds a free world job in the community, Crumpton did not.

Crumpton was within four years of his minimum possible release date with a parole hearing schedule in May 2013, he has not had a disciplinary since 2007, and he completed drug treatment in 2011. The bulk of his charges are primarily forgery/bad checks.

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