Shelters, boarding facilities open to evacuated animals

We can't forget,{}people are not the only ones fleeing from Hurricane Isaac.

Animal shelters{}and boarding facilities in central Alabama{}are seeing an influx of guests. Pampered Pets, in Hoover, has at least 15 additional animals because of Isaac, and the calls are still coming in.{} Most are from New Orleans.

Pampered Pets{}is{}offering boarding services to evacuees for half price.{} "It's amazing to be able to help them and their pets. They had to leave, and they had to bring their pets with them.{} We were here until 12:30 last night taking in animals from very tired people," said owner Stephanie Clayton.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is also helping its counterparts in south Mississippi. It is housing 24 adult dogs, as well as some puppies.{} They will be up for adoption in the next couple of days.