Sheriff Ted Sexton concedes Probate Judge race

It was a disappointing night for supporter at the Tuscaloosa{}Republican Party Headquarters. Sheriff Ted Sexton gave his concession{}speech just after 9 PM. He says his focus now will be his job as{}Tuscaloosa County Sheriff and working with Judge Hardy McCollum on{}issues impacting Tuscaloosa County.These are two key officials in this area. Sheriff Ted Sexton is in his{}6th term and incumbent Hardy McCollum has been in office for 36 years.{}Sheriff Sexton told us he ran to improve county services, upgrade{}technology, and develop new jobs."There are issues and challenges that lay ahead for Tuscaloosa{}County," Sheriff Ted Sexton, candidate said. "I look forward to{}working with Hardy. There are two new commissioners who come on{}tomorrow and I look forward to working with them to move forward to{}address the issues and challenges where I can."