Shooting at Norwood Plaza apartments concerning residents

Birmingham police are looking for a suspect who opened fire on a man sitting on his front porch. It happened across the street from Norwood Elementary.

"We just got down on the floor, really we did." Sherry James lives close to where police say a man was shot while sitting on his front porch here in Norwood Plaza Wednesday afternoon. "A lot of crime is going on in this area. They are always coming out, police are. Something needs to be done about it ."

Her granddaughter attends Norwood Elementary right across the street. It went on lock down after the suspect left the scene. Sergeant Johnny Williams says, "The kids were never in any danger. It was done as a precaution in case we had some suspect flee toward the school. We lock down just to make sure."

Birmingham Police Sgt. Johnny Williams (right) talks with a detective in the parking lot of Norwood Plaza where a man was shot while sitting on his porch Wednesday. (

James says, "I really appreciate that they took care of them."

Children remained safe. Police say the victim was taken to UAB with serious injuries. Crime scene technicians spent hours collecting evidence. Police believe the suspect doesn't live in the area where the shooting happened. Lois Adams says, "A majority of things that happen in our neighbor is from outside."

James thinks there should be security here. "Where the people can show their identification when they come in and ask them questions who they're coming to see." To keep this neighborhood, filled with children, safer.

Police have not released the victim's name. If you have any information,{}call Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777.