Officer shot on 18th N Street N in Birmingham; non-life threatening injuries


According to Sgt. Johnny Williams, around 7:00 Wednesday morning, three suspects attempted to break into the Hansen and Adkins Trucking Company near 18th Street and 32nd Avenue North.

Two employees from the trucking company foiled the attempt and one of them used a handgun to hold the suspects until police arrived.

Upon arrival, the officer confiscated the gun, and as he was trying to clear the weapon to ensure that it was safe, the weapon itself fell apart and struck the ground. This caused it to discharge, hitting the officer in the leg.

The three suspects got away. Birmingham police are continuing with the investigation.


A Birmingham Police officer has been taken to a local hospital after what appears to be an accidental shooting.{} The incident happened at 18th Street and 31 Street Ave N after 7 AM Wednesday morning.{} According to Sgt. Johnny Williams, with BPD, the officers injuries are not life threatening.