Shoppers, even Santa take on the late night store hours

Four days, two hours left to finish up your Christmas shopping. Quite a few retailers around Central Alabama decided to pull a few all-nighters."If you stay up late you can get out later and it's not as big of a crowd," Elizabeth Thomas, a shopper said. "I just think it's a lot better!""Retailers are struggling number one, the holiday shopping season this year was six days shorter than it was last because Thanksgiving fell so late," Dr. Bob Robicheaux, UAB School of Business said."With concern about the economy, people are actually per capita spending less than they have in recent years, so retailers pulled all the plugs out Thanksgiving and they're going to do it again this weekend," he said."That's a positive thing I guess with the way the economy has been the last couple years," Jamie Clemmons, a shopper said.UAB'S Marketing professor also told us the hustle and bustle also could mean a spike in crime."There is a high rate of crime occurring with people who leave their vehicles unlocked or who walk alone with packages," Robicheaux said.Toys-R-Us and Kohl's are among the stores staying open 24 hours a day. In fact, even Santa is pretty happy about the store hours - we ran into the big guy himself doing a little night time shopping at Kohls!"That's sort of what I was doing, then decided to get something to eat on the way home!" Santa Claus told us. "It gets cold on the way back so I've got a hot pizza waiting on me and just out being merry!""Lego's are still giant, you've got a lot of I-stuff but it's not nearly as big as last year, and American Girl still tops the list," Santa added."My first Christmas with his girlfriend Haley - it's an exciting time so I hope I can get the right gifts," Paul David Thomas, a shopper said."We're from Tuscaloosa. It's packed down there so we came up here to see if it's less packed," John Parker, another shopper said.

Several other stores also have extended hours- Macy's is planning to stay open from 7 am-2 am up until Christmas {}and best buy is extending it's hours until midnight.