Shoppers take advantage of sales tax holiday weekend

Alabama's sixth annual sales tax holiday weekend means big crowds and big savings for shoppers. The holiday weekend kicked off Friday morning and ends midnight Sunday, and when ABC 33/40 hit the streets around the Birmingham-metro area, we found dozens of shoppers taking advantage of savings.

"This is an expensive time of year," said Hoover parent Kelly Ferrell.{} "You go back to school and you are paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for school supplies so I do think every little bit does help."

This weekend, shoppers can save on computers and equipment less than $750, clothes less than $100, school supplies less than $50, and books less than $30.

Jefferson County is not participating in the holiday, but some retailers are waiving the sales tax. A lot of shoppers are buying school supplies, and for parents with several children in area schools, the savings add up.

"The list is long," added Ferrell, who spent approximately $1,500 on school supplies, clothes and more. "But each item is not that expensive. We are buying new computers and upgrading at this time instead of during Christmas because of the sales tax weekend."