Shoppers take advantage of 'tax-free' holiday August 1-3

{}Moms and dads across most of the Birmingham area have an opportunity to check off their child's 'back-to-school' list and save money at the same time. The tax-free holiday is this weekend.

Who doesn't like to pinch a penny here or stretch a dollar there? We all do, but there comes a time when we we have to dig a little deeper into our pockets to get what we want.

"I'm looking forward to the great sales and trying to knock out the back-to-school shopping this weekend," said Shekina Harris.

People with Alabama's Department of Revenue know Harris is not alone. The department is giving Alabama shoppers a pass on paying sales tax in some stores.

"That's the exciting event for me. I love to shop. My husband was like let's roll with it," added Harris.

She puts school supplies and clothes at the top of her list, but won't pass up a chance to check out electronics.

April Perry plans to put a few more cents back into her purse.

"We have to get something here and something there when we have the money," said Perry.

She runs a business with her husband.

"The money is not really abundant when you work for yourself. We kind of have to, buy his school stuff at different times. We can't just go to get them all at once," added Perry.

Toni Hunley-Jones went to a grocery store for her kid's back-to-school items.

"My kids were excited to come. They heard about the face painting and balloons. They came ad got this done today," added Perry.

She didn't spend a thing. The store gave away items to people who needed them.

"Knowing they have new things to start school with is great. It makes me happy on the inside with Winn-Dixie helping out with the community and the kids. It is great," added Hunley-Jones.

The tax-free holiday ends at the close of business on Sunday. You should know, not everyone city or county participates.

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