Shopping as a sport

{}And let the shopping begin. The hearty and strong strategists hit the stores early this weekend... They planned out their steps, and how much they would pay. They got boat loads of gifts and a jump on the season.

Each year I am sitting at home or at work in awe of the people who know how to get the best bargains on Black Friday.

{} It seems it's become more of a contact sport than a shop.{} People reportedly running once the doors open through the store down the escalator... and into the shoe section to get the best buy around on boots.

This Saturday, there{}was a push to support your local mom and pop retailers. I applaud the help for the local shops. You might just find the most unique items if you take time to shop at these locally owned stores.

Recently I have stopped at several locally owned retail stores and many of them see their business as a way to support their family, but they also see it as a mission.

A mission to spread their faith and support for their community.

Hats off to our small businesses and be sure to Christmas shop this year at some of them.