Site with unique way of saying things

You've heard of sites like Forvo or Merriam-Webster allowing you to{}listen{}to the correct pronunciations of words. {}Well, enter Run For The Cube, a YouTube site that will make you LOL.

More than 5000 words have been posted to the site. {}When I asked the site's owner why he/she was doing it, here's the response I got:


"Don't think an interview will be possible. Too busy in my "real" life.I've always found it amusing how sports broadcasters mispronounced athlete names, so I decided to create an online pronunciation resource for broadcasters to refer to. It started out small, but has expanded to almost 5,000 pronunciations. I've branched out from sports to include pronouncing celebrity names, musicians, car brands, Harry Potter spells, and even the McDonald's food menu. There's so many things to help people pronounce that this will keep me very busy for a long time!~ Runforthecube"


I put together a few of the words featured on the site as well as some names you might recognize here at home. {}You check that story out here.