Six charged in connection to August 17 double-murder in Gadsden

Four people are charged with capital murder for killing two people in Gadsden last month. Two others also face charges in connection with the August deaths of Billy Baker and Jabari Player.

Baker, 53, and Player, 35, were shot and killed as they drove across the Meighan Bridge along Highway 431 in the early morning hours of August 17th. Someone shot into their vehicle with an automatic rifle. A witness in the area of the bridge that night said he heard nine gunshots.

Etowah County district attorney Jimmie Harp said evidence shows Cedric Orlando Young, Willie O'Bryant Mosley, Errik Laderron Hughley, and Cordaryl Craig were all in the vehicle involved in the drive-by. Harp said it appears the group only used one weapon and did not specify who fired the shots, but all four men are charged with capital murder.

Investigators arrested 27-year-old Cedric Young in late August on an outstanding warrant for attempted murder charges from a shooting July 26.

In addition to capital murder charges, 23-year-old Willie Mosley of Prichard is charged with hindering prosecution and 24-year-old Errik Hughley of Gadsden is charged with theft of property.

Two women, 28-year-old Kendra Lashay Leach and 38-year-old Leshonda Donylal Reeves, are charged with hindering prosecution in the case but do not face murder charges.

District attorney Harp said investigators believe the Meighan Bridge murders are also connected to the fatal shooting of Willie Brown four days later. {}Brown was also in his car when he was shot with an automatic rifle as he left his driveway August 22.

"Neither the murders of Jabari Player or Billy Baker, nor Willie Brown, were a random act. {}They were specific targets," Harp said. {}

"I think the community is safe knowing we don't have anybody running up and down the streets."

Family members of the three victims attended Wednesday's press conference at the Sheriff's office where law enforcement announced the arrests.

"They don't understand what they have did to me. {}Not only did they take my father, they took my best friend," Adrienne Gray said about Willie Brown.

"We're certainly praying and we're believing in God and we're believing in justice."

Christy Brown said she thought she recognized the faces of a couple of the suspects arrested. {}She said she was satisfied people were in custody, and expressed gratitude and praise for the hard work of the detectives.

"We're still hurting. {}It's rough," Christy Brown said. {}"My brother is a legend, he done served the community. {}He did a lot for people and I just don't understand why nobody would do him like that."

Willie Brown's niece Malijah described her uncle as a very good man who didn't deserve what happened, but said everything happens for a reason.

"I really thought it wouldn't be solved this soon but they have the leads and they're on it and I really do appreciate that," Malijah Brown said.