Sixth graders participate in "Be Ready Camp"

Over ninety sixth-graders across the state are attending a one of a kind disaster preparedness camp this week. Alabama's eighth annual Be Ready Camp began Tuesday at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. It incorporates a modified CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team) curriculum, giving kids a hands-on preparedness and response experience. During the week, students are completing the modified CERT training and hands on instruction from fire fighters, nurses, and other disaster response personnel. Students are also learning about logistics, communications, and other crucial aspects of disaster response.

Friday night, March 28th, the multi-day training will culminate with a mock-disaster where the students perform victim search and rescue alongside professional responders in a realistic setting.

Be Ready Camp graduation will be held Saturday, March 29th, for the students, their parents, and friends. During this ceremony, each student will be recognized individually for their efforts and will receive a Certificate of Recognition from Governor Robert Bentley.