Sky-high baggage fees add up for airlines

Airlines started charging for a first checked suitcase in 2008. Those $25 and $35{}charges add up!

Airlines in this country collected $1.7 billion{}in baggage fees during the first half of this year. That's the largest amount ever collected in that six-month period.{} Topping that list: Delta Airlines,{}recording nearly $430 million. Number two was{}United Airlines at $351 million.

"You used to be able to take on 50 pound bag for free and now it's 25-30 bucks, so it doesn't surprise me," on traveler said.{} Another added,{}"I'm really frustrated because it just seems like everything is going up and up and up."

The airline industry is finding other ways to make money with fees for seat assignments, meals, blankets, and changing reservations.