Skydive for CDKL5 fundraising event

{}Who would jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Pelham Police Officer Dustin Chandler thinks it's a good idea that will benefit a good cause. He's doing it to raise awareness for CDKL5, a rare genetic disorder that can cause as many as 10 seizures a day in children. According to the International Foundation for CDKL5 Research, many children with CDKL5 cannot walk, talk or feed themselves, and there is currently no cure.Chandler's daughter Carly suffers from CDKL5. She was the inspiration for Alabama's new law that allows research on cannabis oil,{} as a potential treatment for seizure patients. The oil is derived from marijuana plants.On September 27, Chandler will make the 14,000-foot jump during the second annual Skydive for CDKL5 fundraising event. It will be held at Skydive Alabama in Cullman. Chandler said, "I wanted to bring maximum awareness to CDKL5, and I was trying to think of something no one had done before."{}