Smart phone app prevents texting and driving


Each day, more than twelve-hundred people are injured in crashes where distracted driving was reported. In Alabama, it is a crime to text and drive. Not everybody obeys the law. But parents have something that might help. There's an app that prohibits texting and driving.

It's called Detext. It's an app made specifically for Android phones. It detects when a car is moving and stops text messages from coming through. Many parents already are on board.

Parents can register their child's phone online, at which point the Detext app can be downloaded onto the phone. GPS technology is used to detect when the car is moving, preventing texts from coming through.

We had to see for ourselves, so one of our producers downloaded the app onto his phone. And we hit the road.

From the back seat of the car, someone sent several text messages to the phone while I was driving. We didn't get text messages while the car was moving.

Not only did the app prevent text messages from coming through, it automatically sent this message back to the sender: 'Hi, im driving or in an area where mobile use is not allowed. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.'

But when we pulled over, and car was at a stand-still all the messages were there, ready for a safe response. Drivers say they would feel safer if more teenagers had this app.

There are several apps that work similarly to Detext. You have the ability to personalize the apps and even get alerts when your child is speeding.