Snow helped deputies capture alleged ATV thieves

{}{} This week's snow event played a role in the capture of three men whom authorities say stole another man's ATV from his front yard.

{}{} It happened Wednesday.{} Chancey Samples says he was helping his daughter inside his home in the Chandler Crossing Community of Tuscaloosa County.{} When Samples heard loud noises outside - he ran to the window to see what was going on.

{}{}{} Authorities say Jeremy Porter, Adam Wells and Bryan Cain all in a white Pickup Truck had latched onto a trailer with Samples ATV on it.{}{} "My neighbor heard it too and he was wondering what was going on and he ran out.{} I had my daughter and it was still too icy so I wasn't about to chase them," said Samples.{} He called 911.

{}{}{} The Tuscaloosa Sheriff's helicopter was already in the air at the time evaluating road conditions after the snow.{} A Coaling police officer on the ground spotted the suspects but they sped away leading him on a chase.{} The helicopter was able to keep track of the suspects vehicle until other police units cornered the suspects.

{}{}{}{} "Had it not been for the snow and our helicopter up for that purpose, we probably would have never caught them [the suspects]," said Chief Deputy Ron Abernathy.

{}{}{}{} All three have been charged with theft and already have criminal histories.{} Two, Porter and Wells were out on bond on similar charges.{} Wells had just been released from jail last week.