Some pushing for Sunday alcohol sales in Pell City, Riverside

Some business owners are pushing for Sunday alcohol sales in Pell City and Riverside, but legislation must be passed in order for residents to have a say.

"We have people coming in from Atlanta, Birmingham and Anniston who are making this their weekend and getaway homes," said Pell City's Lakeside Package owner Blair{}Goodgame. "They are still having to leave our town on Sundays to get the goods and services that they need."

Many fear business owners are losing business due to the six-day sales.

"Once there's a vote in place then those who are opposed to this for whatever reason, that's when you'll see the opposition," said Riverside Mayor Rusty Jessup. "But I don't see why anyone would oppose letting people vote."

Riverside's mayor hopes the vote will take place June 3rd.