Some study habits hold you back

It is{}almost time for semester college examinations. Typically, it is a two-week period of anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and more. This year's U.S. Professor of the Year says it does not have to be that way.

Samford University's Dr. Stephen Chew is a cognitive psychologist. He has studied students' study habits and created videos available online to show them what they are doing wrong. Schools across the country are sharing them.

Dr. Chew titled his first video "Beliefs that Make You Stupid." There are{}several beliefs that make studying and learning more difficult.

Students often believe that learning is fast. In fact, knowledge needs to come over time.

That's why memorizing is not what professors want. They are looking for comprehension.

Chew doesn't buy the statement that some students just aren't any good in a certain subject. They may simply need to change the way they approach the subject.

When it comes to learning, students shouldn't pride themselves too much on being multi-taskers. Many text, study, talk, study, eat, study, all at the same time. Chew says studying needs to be a task all its own.

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