Some UA students to help Moore rebuild during Spring Break

{}{}{} 16 University of Alabama students will spend their upcoming Spring Break doing hard labor.{} They're geared up to help storm stricken Moore, Oklahoma.

{}{}{}{} Many still have in mind all of the helping hands that came to Tuscaloosa when this city was hit by an EF4-Tornado in 2011.{} Moore, OK was hit last May.

{}{}{}{} Right after the Moore disaster, U. A. students organized a gift card drive for the victims through the Community Service Center on the University of Alabama campus.

{}{}{}{} The card drive was a success{}but still many students wanted{}to physically help families in Moore restore their lives.{} A trip was scheduled over the Christmas{}holidays, but postponed until now.{}

{}{}{}{} "My freshman year, I saw the devastation that the Tornado caused and the community outreach that happened immediately afterwards. It was a really big impact on my life. I was able to go out and help as many people as I could after our Tornado...just being able to relate to Moore," says Senior Jacob Carloni

{}{}{}{} "They've seen the community here transform and they know how beneficial the service and the labor helps so they -- so they can't not help other people," added Courtney Chapman-Thomas, Director of U.A's Community Service Center.

{}{}{}{}{} While in Moore, the students will help the local Habitat for Humanity rebuild several homes.{} They'll leave Tuscaloosa on Sunday and return March 28th.

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